19.16pm (sat on the sofa with Naoise asleep)

Back from YSP and a visit to see Bill Viola. Eaten too many liquorice allsorts. Arrived late in the afternoon but managed an hour in the galleries then a moon lit walk. The park at night is a tranquil place when emptied of people.  Me and Naoise sat on a bench drinking hot chocolate talking of the magical dark. Naoise was afraid of the dark, he was going to run ahead and find P and S but decided to hold my hand instead he lost me.

Don’t be afraid of the dark, the dark is beautiful, the dark is quiet, the dark is blue velvet and owls screeching. The dark is a moon and stars and clearness. Eyes grow used to the dark. Dark is an adventure. 

All is just ok. Its Sunday. Potatoes and Pies in the oven. Slumbering children. A quiet road.

Yawning. Don’t have the energy or imagination or thought for this screen work.


Bill Viola


Bill Viola


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