Wet Monday

9.22am (at home sitting on sofa)

There is a constant sound of water moving on the main road outside as the cars pass. Got Naoise to school despite his protestations that he did not want to go, that he was too tired.

“We are all tired on Monday Naoise we all have to go to work or school.”

“I can come with you to work mummy” was his clever answer.

Somehow we made it. We made it because I distracted him with a fossil, some rocks and a skeleton of a seahorse to take with him into school. We just got there on time, both of us scootering through the wet of the pavement. This scootering arrangement works well, I can keep up with him and I am less anxious about the dangers of the road.

I organised a time to go in and read at his school. I must keep up with my responsibilities. I must make my actions frequent, consistent and reliable.

Volunteering is a strange thing. Volunteering in Naoise school makes sense. I need to be careful and strategic with what I do with my time. There is nothing worse than being somewhere that is not right for you, where you don’t fit and you are not even being paid. I cannot afford to work for free. It makes less sense when you have children. Time with my family is precious, I see that.

I see that going on The Peoples Assembly march against austerity yesterday was a rewarding thing to do and a lovely way to spend time with my family. I felt that it was the first positive thing that we had done together as a family in a longtime. A family not only needs nourishing, feeding and maintaining with the basics of life, it is good to share a common goal, politics, activism and stand up and speak out about things that we believe in. To try and make a change for the better. There is hope for others and ourselves. I hope to do more protesting. I was glad that I chose to protest, it was the best way to spend my time over the weekend.

I must try and remain honest and true and authentic to my belief structure, I cannot be something that I am not. I need to find work that is right for me. I am not good at repackaging and restructuring myself. I am not a commodity to be bought and sold.

I have learnt this weekend that the best place for an arts workshop is in an arts context, or at least one that is set up to accommodate such an activity. Art cannot be squeezed into a box that it is not.

Art is your human right

-Bob and Roberta Smith

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