There is hope.

8.47 am

Naoise filfthy muddy jacket is spinning around my friend the washing machine. Oh washing machine how I covert you. I love the comforting sound of your spin. A clock of washing.

Sun shinning. Thank you sun. I needed the sun to shine after the downpour of yesterday.

Between the rain and watching Syd racing on his bike, I went to the studio with Naoise and he made some drawings.


There is hope, our man Jeremy has won an outstanding victory for peace, hope and anti-austerity. It was a stunning victory and I look forward to hearing the first prime ministers question time. I am so pleased we have a strong leader to speak up and against the tories. Reject the media message don’t buy the rubbish being trumpeted in the media. We are not going back to the 1980’s this is the only way forward. This is the future. The left lives.

Yesterday was great, Syd won the Up the Buttress Single Track junior section race, which is a race up the cobble track from Hebden to Heptonstall, my friend who is staying with us has a new home, both children are happy and back at school, and Jeremy has won the labour leadership. I made a mea with P for my dear friends and family and we toasted to all of these successes.

“Money don’t bring you good, Money just brings us bad”…..Syds latest song is stuck in my head, must record it for him. I think its brilliant and billy bragg would love it.


Red landline phone rings: Sydney with irish accent pretending to be a man from british gas. He rings to warn me that him, P and N are all coming downstairs. I think they have become familiar with my need for space and a chance to write first thing in the morning.

Received an article in the post from my friend artist friend in Ireland “A Mother World, Michelle Brown reports from the Motherhood and Creative Practice Conference, held at Londons South Bank University, 1-2 June 2015. “

The washing machine beeps and beeps to say it has finished its cycle. Incesently beeping.

The baby robins are still visiting, one is very fat, the other slender. They have lost all of their fledgling feathers and have proud red bellies. They are as friendly as ever, hopping close to collect crumbs of oat cake.

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