8.24 am (before school run)

Naoise fully dressed but wanting more time to sleep on the sofa. His tooth brush, shoes, coat all ready. Bag packed with book, sandwiches and swimming stuff, scooter leant against the door. Breakfast things ready for him to eat and drink. Yoghurt, milk, bowl, spoon. Apart from Naoise actually being conscious we are ready for school.

I am writing this now as I don’t see a chance of being able to write later. First appointment of the day is from sure start advisor to come and see where I am with all the job hunting and career changing list of to do’s that she left me with last week. I realise how time slips. How distracted from what I should be doing I am. How being a mum is a constant distraction and a constant pull of priorities.

The five minutes sounded on the oven buzzer, the washing machine is singing its circular song, the sun is high in the sky today, a gentle warm light of autumn.The year is coming to a close. I need to act on some of my list else all I will have is an art project comprised of a very long list of things that I hoped to have done but haven’t achieved.

Must cook the apples that mum bought for me from her garden. Must make bread. Must wash the kitchen floor with my hair dipped in milk. Must throw the green pram down the cobbled street and film something spilling out of it….milk, knives, paper, potty’s ???? Must write a PhD proposal. Must write an arts council funding application. Must tidy Naoise room up. Must help Syd to read. Must hoover the red rug in the front room. Must stop writing this and get Naoise to school.



9.26am (after school run)

Naoise has no sense of urgency, he even tries to go back to sleep on the sofa after eating two cold bowls of yoghurt. I tell him we will be late.

Every morning he has an explosive snot happening. Snot catapolts itself onto the stone floor.

I tried to find my front door key, and realise that Syd has taken it. I leave Naoise outside the front and go out the backdoor through the yards of the neighbours houses. Naoise thinks its all very funny.

On the way to school Naoise realises he is desperate for a wee. He has a wee in the beach hedge. He watches his wee trickle along the pavement into the gutter. A lovely river of wee.

We aren’t that late today the lolly pop man is still in force to help us cross. He makes his comment about Naoise being Speedy Gonzalez on his scooter and just as well when you are as late as we are each day.

The side door is still open and I know the teaching assistant who is on duty, she is a kind woman. She asks about Syd. I tell her that he is taller than me now and that I get a big man/boy hug in the morning from him that keeps me going all day.

Best find my CV that is what I had to do. Best look up that Job. This is urgent. I need to find my sense of urgency.


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