Ten minutes


This will have to do, just about long enough to move words across a screen. To fill in this day. Its a nondescript day. I am looking after my friends children. I had planned a football match in the local park, but may have to go to the soft play centre instead. The house is a pickle. Tried to tame some of it. Hoovered the front room, picked up some plastic moved stuff from coffee table to dinning room table.


MUM MUM Naoise calls from the bathroom where he is having a shower. I help him out to open the lid of the shampoo bottle, I stay until he has washed out the suds as he hates it if the sting gets in his eyes.

Womens hour in the background. A discussion about A level results.

I am thinking of completely retraining. Its impossible to make my way as an artist. Its not working. If I retrain as a teacher then maybe things will settle better. Maybe I will be happier. Its never straight forward…never an easy path.

I don’t really know what to do, I just know that I have to do something to change my stuck place. I cannot carry on in this nothing. Nothing.

The oven buzzer sounds.

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