Not so wild boar park


Escaped the house today. Needed to escape, especially after spending an entire day inside. Inside reading. A pyjama day.

Went to wild boar park. Played in the straw bales, held chicks, ate ice-cream, watched Naoise on the go-carts.

The day passed quickly. We were the last in the carpark.

This evening the sofa and Jurassic Park 2. Naoise loves dinosaurs. He covers his face at the gory bits.

Today felt less of a slog. I read all day yesterday. I completed one Michael Morporgo book and then read another cover to cover.

Writing at this time is no good. I am brain dead. Its dark.  Maybe its stopped raining. Syd is camping, I hope that the weather down south is good for him. I miss him lots. Heard a libertines song on the radio when I was driving the car. I pine for his return.

Cant think of anything more to write.

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