The little lost dog


After going shopping for Syds birthday presents yesterday and conceding to the nasty unethical branded clothing we came home to find a dog in our house. What a surprise it was. Syd exclaimed;

Mum a black dog has just come running down our stairs!

Sure enough a little ratty black dog had got into our house. Small and cheeky enough to squeeze and sneak through the cat flap. The dog turned out not to be a mongrel as I had first thought but a pedigree patterdale. I don’t claim to know much about dogs, and I wasn’t best pleased with our surprise visitor peeing all over our home. Having to deal with a lost dog the day before my sons birthday was not on my agenda. The children were delighted with our visitor. Syd joked about us having bought him a dog for his birthday present.


We went for aimless walks talking to people about the dog and if they recognised it. Later Patrick found a person who knew who the dog belonged too. We waited for the man to collect it. He never did. I contacted the emergency council dog warden and booked an appointment for him to collect it in the morning. The children and Patrick looked at me with doe eyes asking to keep it. NO. NO we are not having a dog, and not one that pees everywhere. I was shattered from the previous evenings activities of clearing up sick, now I had moved onto dog wee and poo…oh joy.

The dog story ended happily,social media helped spread the news and the local dog charity PAWS came to collect him. The dogs name was Mickey and he had been lost out on his own on numerous occasions. The dog happily has now been signed over to the charity and will be rehoused. Phew, I am so relieved that the dog has gone. I can now concentrate on tidying and sorting and getting things ready for Syd’s birthday celebrations.

The day started cold bit it has cleared to blue. A seamless blue sky. Only one and a half days left at school then 49 days, seven weeks of holiday and childcare. I am glad that the unstructured days are here. I am wanting the holidays now myself. The weather is too good to be sat inside a classroom. We need to play and rest and be. Just be.


Syd is fourteen today. FOURTEEN. Fourteen. He can now go into concerts for 14 year olds. In three years time he will be able to learn to drive. This morning at breakfast he unpacked some books from his school pack and said that he wanted to burn them….always a rebel. Me and Patrick were horrified…or maybe mortified. I wish he had a better attitude towards his education and the privilege of learning. This was never the way at primary school. I like rebellion, but there are some things that I wish he would embrace rather than push away.

The oven buzzer sounds.


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