Remembering Friday

Written at 10.44am on Sunday 5th July.

I forgot to write anything. I failed. I am cheating writing this, filling in what would otherwise be a blank. Mum came to stay. The kids were wired from a long hot week at school. We watered the allotment, the boys kicked a football in and out of the raised beds which really wound me up. They squabbled and argued over cheese rolls and pastries. Mum took us out to the pub for tea. The pub was heaving we waited a long time, played in the playground, drew on beer mats and talked. Later at home we watched Humans. Syd went for a late cycle ride to meet his friend  who was working at the pub in order to accompany him home. He arrived back in a thunder storm, I had grown anxious as the lightening struck. He was safe though and happy that  had allowed him out  I collapsed to bed after  Naoise fell asleep in my arms. I have forgotten friday.

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