Late night studio


Late night in the studio. Dark. The swallows are sleeping. Maybe I am the only one here in this building. So peaceful in the room of my own. Nick Cave keeping me happy.

I don’t believe in an interventionist God,

But I know darling that you do 

But if I did I would kneel down and ask him

Not to intervene when it came to you. 

If ever I was to get married I would have this as my sound track.

I guess I am married to my art. The pram I bought from the charity shop is in the corridor containing my imaginary third child.

Into my arms oh lord 

I am low on energy its been a very long day. This day is almost the next day. Hendon bridge is sleeping with the swallows, heads under wings. Tucked up neat.

At last I am ready for tomorrow and the open studios, and wow how neat and tidy, tidy and neat my studio is. I could live in it, it looks so lovely

Close the window. Summer air closed out.

Last night I danced in the thunder and lightening and rain with my neighbours. We watched fork lightening flash as fork. It was beautiful. We rejoiced in the cooling downpour. I love that the weather bought us all outside. We stared in wonder.

There was a problem when I left the house this evening, an altercation, it does make me worry. My lovely Syd is a sensitive sole and I hate it when the man and the boy man come to blows. Avoid conflict, avoid conflict. Ignore, ignore, ignore. Calm, patience, resilience, forgiveness, perseverance.

Three minutes to the witching hour. I need to drive back to bed.



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