Little thing


I have never tried to write at this time previously during this project. Naoise seems so much more settled and is getting up earlier so things are much easier. He is lying on the sofa under the blue fleecy blanket watching the new version of The Clangers. Michael Palin’s narration is calm and gentle.


Its a non day. Wet and grey and no blue. The cars are speeding past on the road, rushing to work.

When mother says its bed time its bed time and thats that.

Down they all go.

Yes its bedtime for everyone even baby soup dragons.

Good night Clangers, sleep tight. 

Listening to the Iron Chicken is making me want to go back to bed.


I walked out last night. I actually walked out alone on the tops, its been a few weeks since the illness has prevented me from any serious exercise. It was a beautiful evening not at all blue but warm and humid and quiet.

The grass is growing long. The elderflower is out in full bloom. The trumpets of the foxgloves are blooming, all clutching to the hillsides. I met no one on my walk apart from sheep and fat lambs and crows and rabbits darling out of my way.

The fields are full of buttercup and clover and the long grass.


Naoise is smiling and sucking his thumb. All is peaceful in this little house. The front of the car is covered in large rain drops. The school year is coming to an end, just three weeks left now. I am glad that it is at an end, I am looking forward to the structureless summer, to playing and not rushing and having some fun.

It must be time for the school run. I cannot settle to writing ten minutes before leaving the house, its not suiting me.

The buzzer is set but I will stop now and listen to the Lullaby on the Clangers and wish that I was a child again with my mother always present.

Mum is coming back today from her home in Scotland so hopefully I will see her soon.


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