Encounter with a sweaty mouse


An encounter with a sweaty mouse emerging under the freezer in the kitchen. Running backwards and forwards to Hebden Bridge to take the car to be fixed at the garage. Worrying about the high increase in rent demand by the landlord at the studio and its potentially catastrophic affects on the community of artists working in the building. Trying to concentrate on writing a job application. Trying to find the time to write a job application. Catching the bus. Waiting for the bus. Catching the bus. Cooking. Washing up. Looking after a poorly child. Blowing my nose repetitively. ┬áConsoling an artist on the phone who is desperately angry and upset about the rent increases at the studio. Feeling like I am in a Mike Leigh film. Collecting Naoise from school. Making Naoise his tea. Naoise panicking about a wobbly tooth in his mouth. Naoise crying, trying to comfort Naoise. Panicking about Naoise tooth, wondering if I should be taking him to the dentist. Waiting for a bus. Panicking that the bus won’t turn up. Teaching life drawing. Running to catch a bus. Placing plastic gogo figurines in a line along a shelf. Eyes hurting.


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