There are clouds in the sky today. There is a change in the air. The weather is breaking. There is blue and there is sun but there is a build up of pressure, a thunder storm is inevitable.

Naoise is lying on the sofa watching Octonauts. Octonauts to the HQ.

Naoise is lying on the sofa at home because he was sick at school. Really sick, so that slight temperature and complaints of stomach cramps were illness. He is happy just chilling and holding his snuffly pillow.

There are flies zzing around the front room, quite disgusting.


A man just cycled past bare chested, tattooed and sweaty. Its rarely this hot in the Pennines, so when it is you have to embrace it. The asian woman who works in the older peoples home across the road walks home from her shift. Its not a fly z zzz zing its a wasp that keeps colliding with the glass pane of the window. Its cleaning now having a bath, washing its back legs against its body.

Jumping Jelly Fish….Gotcha…Yoahhhhhh….Peso Quasi has been stung meet me in the┬ásick bay…….

I cut the top of my finger pushing marigolds into the soil, I examine the red, a thin slice. Its sore as I type.

Naoise made a lovely paper clown model, it has a shock of red hair and the expression on its face reminds me of my mother.


Last night there was a red red sunset, the whole sky was full with it. There were bats and swallows chasing around the pub beer garden where I sat with some dear friends. I shouldn’t have been out, I shouldn’t have been drinking, but I was. I was. We sat in the falling light till we were too cold to stay outside any longer. The pub was surprisingly busy for a Thursday evening.

We talked about our shared love of Cornwall, about art projects and gardening and Spring Watch. We talked about the abundance of wildlife in my friends garden Tawny Owls, Deer, Fox, Badgers, and how maybe Spring Watch should be filmed in their domestic wildlife reserve….We talked about brewing our own wine, elderberry, damson, rhubarb. We talked about Tin.

I made an imaginary womb out of a cornish pasty with a tin lining and a foil sea stretching in front. There would be telescopes made of used toilet rolls to watch out for invading pirates.

We talked about Penzance and Newlyn, of swimming in the sea. We talked about caravans. We talked about our shared love of The Wicker Man and I recounted me and Syd’s boat trip to the Summer Isles. They talked about seeing dolphins plenty of them near Cardigan Bay in Wales.

Why have I written all this ?

DSC_5417I wanted to write about Naoise skin about the soles of his feet dancing on the tarmac ground. About him playing outside. I wanted to write about what I imagined that he did in this space outside. Outside at school.

Yesterday he carried with him a little plastic toy safe which holds pretend gold bars inside it. He told me that when he was older he wanted to buy a big house and a sports car for him and his girlfriend and his boyfriend to live in. He would buy it with his bars of gold.

On the way back to our house along the canal path we spoke through the wire fence to the kind man in the nursery gardens who showed us all the gold teeth in his mouth. The children were aghast.

Mummy remember we have to pick up………

Explore, Rescue, Protect


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