Frantic Friday


Naoise always adorably sleepy in the morning time.

I have never had Naoise come out of school crying before but yesterday he did. Sadness and tears that tore at my heart. The words of adults can cut. All he wanted was a different packet of birthday sweets, and for this assertion he was deemed a rude and ungrateful boy. I think that I would have cried too. Poor sweet little Naoise. They expect so so much of our children. I wonder if the teaching assistant would have said that to her own child or she would have spoken to him in this horrid way if I had been looking on. Its when we are unable to be present, unable to protect our children that it hurts the most. Language is so important it is of cause possible to act in a rude way and for your actions to be perceived as ungrateful but my of my how over the top over a little tiny packet of sweets that were meant as a generous offering from another child to make the children happy. She could have chosen her words with care.

Naoise completed his star chart this week and won a little note book with a football on the front, within which he wrote a story. He told me he had written a good story with adjectives. I love the phonetical spellings. I love that a strong knight has become a tiny nit.


I took Naoise to a friends house that he hadn’t seen in a long while and bought him and his friend a packet of chocolates along the way. The incident of the sweet packet was soon forgotten.

Me and my friend caught up over cup of tea and cup of tea about the children and life and work. I have missed her. The children played upstairs in the attic. Syd was at the gym, so I was glad of some adult company.

Syd is now taller than me.

Spent the day frantically writing the application for Parental Body, I expect nothing back from them, its best perhaps to expect nothing and think of the £15 administration fee as a charitable contribution to funding an arts project. Least I can tick it off my list and say that I did apply to the ten people that recommended that I did. It felt as if I had a responsibility to them as well as myself to enter into this opportunity.

Had no time to eat lunch. Worked through till two. Ate a bounty bar to celebrate.

Mum showed up at just before three. Left straight away to collect Syd from school. Dropped Syd and mum off at home. Went to collect Naoise. Naoise wanted to join his friends who were walking up to the pub, then Naoise wanted to play on the swing on the hill, but we needed to get home so that we could take Syd to cricket.

Mad less that 1.5 hours getting children tea and ready to go out to the cricket match.


Drive to cricket match. Spend a couple of hours trying to keep warm beside the cricket field. Syd catches a ball within the first minutes of the match. We all see him catch the ball. We all clap. The sky greys. We walk around and around the pitch to try and keep warm. The club building eventually opens and we get a hot drink. As soon as we are warm, the rain comes and the game is called off. I am glad that it was called off. I am far too tired to sit beside a cold cricket pitch.

Patrick works late at work. Work Work Work.  I am beyond caring about when he works and when he is at home. It is best to not to care so that it no longer matters. I have some company and the company is good.

We go home and my mum kindly treats us all to an indian takeaway. We eat too much. Drink too much and all collapse to bed.




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