Listen mummy

7.22 am ( awake since 5.30am up at 6.30am)

The day of the Asgarth Falls- Burnett Family Easter picnic


Woke up thinking that I must remember to hard boil the eggs in coloured dye, its a family tradition, and no Easter picnic would be without them. As a child I couldn’t get excited about the cold slime nothing taste of a plain egg eaten whole. But I did get excited by rolling, chucking, throwing and lobbing eggs down hills till they cracked and then could be pealed open.

Easter picnics are always an adventure. One year my family sat on the benches just above the falls eating our food, it was very very cold and there were even foot long icicles hanging from the rocks on the river bank.

It is not raining and it is not snowing and it is not hailing and there was no frost last night. I hope it will be a clear bright day so that we do not get wet and damp whilst eating our picnic and so that tonight we can gaze up at the full beauty of the moon.

Naoise decided that sitting on benches in the drizzle after eating fish and chips listening to adults talking is simply is an entire waste of time. Perhaps endless talking is an entire waste of time. Naoise announced I am going to play in the park, stood up and ran over the canal bridge. I watched and as he fell out of sight, I ran after him. I could have persuaded or fought him back with me to the benches but decided not too. It was just me and him alone in a wet park. It was fun. He bossed me around and showed me how I could help him climb up to the big slide by holding out my hand so that he could clamber up. He put his full weight on my hand. My hand became covered in the mud from the bottom of his shoe. The things you do for love, and I did love helping him, literally giving him a hand up.

Later he rejected the play equipment for the wild of the bushes and the muddy bank. I had canvas shoes on, I didn’t want to get them wet and dirty, but he was very insistent that I joined him. This way mummy, this way mummy, come and see. He was very thoughtful and showed me where I could avoid the worst of the mud and puddles. I weaved my way carefully and lightly through the patches of yuk. He took my hand this way mummy. We walked through pampas grass and rhoderdendron bushes till we came to a stop in a corner between the metal railings, the river and stone wall. Then he said listen mummy, listen to the sound of the water, does’nt it sound beautiful. Such a sweet, sweet observation and completely unexpected. I loved how for one small moment, he slowed the whole world down and I did listen and the listening was magic.

beep beep beep beep the oven buzzer sounds 20 minutes gone.


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