The dinosaur egg & the red plastic ball

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Sun and frost and cold. The crocuses in the window box shrivelled and dead. There is to be a solar eclipse on Friday.

Planet Wrapping Paper, By Naoise 15/03/15

Planet Wrapping Paper, By Naoise, 15/03/15

I am going to go and see it at the observatory on Bacup road, you need special glasses, I will jog up the hill after school. I have always wanted to go inside the observatory. They will have special glasses there so I can safely gaze at the sun without fear of blinding. Apparently it is going to be cloudy on Friday, I do hope not. I will take the children in the evening so that they can have a look too.

Naoise is getting a little more compliant in the morning, scootering helps. When we got inside the classroom at school, the teacher urged me to take a look at some English work that he had completed. It was about the Minatour. The mythical monster resembled myself with outstretched arms. The writing was big and clear and loopy. I didn’t notice what it said just how it looked. The teacher was saying that he had used the past future and present tense, she was clearly impressed with him. Some of the other children gathered around to look. Naoise looked proud and happy.

I missed my run friend, so I didn’t make it up to Gaddings or Stoodley Pike, instead I followed the Pennine Bridle Way up along the moor above the ridges of ¬†Walsden. On the way I heard the man of rock terrace practising his saxophone, I saw blackbirds busying themselves, a pheasant waking, fat rabbits bounding, greyhounds barking, cows staring, keep out private signs, strange farms, cobbles, geese and one other man walking. I crouched down to wee between the thick of the moor grass and the stone of the wall. I ran to see another friend, we drank tea together and she showed me her friends treehouse settlement in the woods in Wales where she had recently visited. It looked amazing, all hand made, off grid.

After school Naoise played on the muddy bank beside the school.He scrambled about with a stick in his hand and chased after his macho friend. At one stage he disappeared into the laurel bush and became just voice. Syd turned up to collect the front door key, he grunted at me and acted cool. Naoise found a red plastic ball. He threw the red ball away and lost it, later we had to go on a hunt to find it and play football on the tarmac of the carpark before he would comply and come home.


Dinosaur Egg, Found in school playground, 17/03/15

Naoise showed me a stone that he had found earlier in the playground, he reached into his pocket to find it and dropped it into my hand declaring it a dinosaur egg.

As Naoise played I talked to my friends about the upcoming Solar Eclipse. Apparently if you hold a colander under the light of the sun, all the shadows in the holes will form into moon shapes.

The buzzer on the oven clock has sounded 20 minutes gone.



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