Can’t remember what time I woke up or got up.

Write about the home/school…..institution/private space……playgroup/park (save this for another day when you have more head space and energy to consider).

Madly busy day, school run, interview, school run, parents evening, dinner, bed. Everyone is shattered. Poor Patrick had to spend two hours waiting in a cold carpark for Syd’s coach to return from Paris, whilst I slept through all the messages from school telling us that he was running late.

Thinking about resilience this week. Head full of information about Barbara Hepworth. She was totally awesome triplets, one other child, two divorces. She would look after the children during the day then draw late into the evening. She must have had a formidable amount of energy. Thinking that I need to be more resilient. When I am feeling tired I will think about Barbara Hepworth drawing late into the night after caring for four children all day, what a hero.

There is an inside and an outside to every form. When they are in special accord, as for instance a nut in its shell or a child in the womb, or in the structure of shells or crystals, or when one senses the architecture of bones in the human figure, then I am most drawn to the effect of light. Every shadow cast by the sun from an ever-varying angle reveals the harmony of the inside to outside. Light gives full play to our tactile perceptions through the experience of our eyes, and the vitality of forms is revealed by the interplay between space and volume.

Extracts from Barbara Hepworth: Carvings and Drawings, with an introduction by Herbert Read, London, 1952
from Chapter 1:The excitement of discovering the nature of carving, 1903-1930

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