The day after my babies sixth birthday

7.00am (been up since 6am)

I am not sure why I am even bothering to open up my computer as I am very much cutting it fine, there is no time to write anything of worth. A quick sketch maybe. Naoise birthday was good, and went much as expected. He spent five hours building lego. My mum and dad came over to spend some time with him. My dad is worse than my teenage son and spent the entirety of the evening staring at his mobile phone. I shouldn’t complain at least he was present. My favourite model that Naoise made was that of a small kitten with ears, mouth and eyebrows that moved. I held him in the palm of my hand and imagined him real. Naoise has called him cat cat.

I have been up making a large chocolate cake for Naoise and his dear friends joint birthday party. Such a big cake, I do hope that it turns out ok, there is more at risk as the quantities of ingredients are increased. So much sugar, so much fat, so much flour, not enough eggs but its alright as I have found that milk binds a cake just fine. I made chocolate mice to run around its circumference, and I want to make some squirrels for the top. Naoise did request squirrels. One of his favourite books is all about red squirrels. He loves an illustration within it that depicts a squirrel sleeping with its tail curled around its body. So sweet. So sweet.

I am running out of time to get Syd ready for his Paris trip. He keeps wearing the clothes that I have washed for him to take, its driving me bananas.

I need to get the family up, dress Naoise, coax Patrick and Sydney out of bed. No time for this.

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