Don’t feel like writing


Ive been up since 7am. Naoise back at school, Syd still at home, its one of those random teacher training days.  Don’t feel like writing and staring at the screen. Wet day yesterday, spent most of it inside, drawing, drinking tea, too much mine craft. The children both produced super drawings, I love Naoise fatree/factory and Syd is clearly thinking about his upcoming trip to Paris with his mini Eiffel tower and self portrait.



I took Syd fishing in the pond. All he caught was our umbrella that fell into the brown water. Darkness fell and we returned home. Got to get weighed tomorrow and I am dreading it, I am quite sure I have put on weight as the diet and exercise went out of the window over the half term break. Motherhood should come with a health warning, its just so hard to keep well whilst caring for others. Its so hard to find space and time to nurture the self.

As Syd is off to Paris at the end of the week,  I have been thinking of sitting him down to watch some french films to prepare, I asked my friend Krishna for his top recommendations. He mentioned this film Rendevous by Claude Lebouch made in 1976. Its a high speed car chase through the streets of  Paris in a Porsche.

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