Monsters with plasters and the rasta hero


Been awake since 6.24am, shower, get dressed normal routine. Its much later than usual, I slept heavy, last night I was looking after the kids on my own. I like our own space together. We had a good evening. It began with a trip to Nathans the barbers in Hebden. I love having a peek into a male space, I wonder if the conversations are altered with the presence of a mother. There are young men, older me, and me with the boys. Nathan manages to talk as he chops and gets his cut throat razor out to neaten the back of Syd’s head. Syd decides on how he gets his hair cut now, he has a very clear idea. I love it when his locks get long and thick and wavy. He has such beautiful characterful hair.

Later at tea time my friend knocks on the door as the kids are eating supermarket take away indian from plastic trays. My friend laughs and jokes about the fact that my Christmas decorations are still up by referring to herself as the “community police” ! They will have to come down today, but we left them up for the kings and my boys don’t want to kiss them goodnight quite yet.


Sip of stewed tea with soya. So dark outside, but its warmer much warmer. My walk on the tops yesterday was muddy and boggy and slippey. I frightened myself with imagining a fall on he tops, I was high on a path beyond the fields of a friends farm. I was walking a path that I don’t ordinarily take. I hadn’t my mobile phone with me, I should always have it with me. If I had fallen, I may have been waiting a long time to be found. What morbid thoughts that I have? Did I used to worry like this ? I think that before, before I was a mother, I was less concerned, I had less fear.


Should have read that Sylvia Plath extract from the 7th January, maybe there will be time later, after the school run, the madness of the morning. More cars on the road.

I found some images on my phone, I have been allowing Naoise to play on it too much. He seems to have worked out how to download games. He has discovered an odd game about extracting teeth from cute monster characters. Playing dentist.  I thought that these monsters that he had drawn upon were so sweet. Am I being too sentimental ? Boys are sweet. Observations can be sweet. I particularly like the one where he has used plasters on the monster. I found the bathroom cupboard sealed up by plasters. Anything that you can stick. He also loves to draw on my sanitary towels and stick them around the house. I’d like to create a workshop around sanitary towel drawings. My mum thought that it was “disgusting”. I sometimes think my mums comments are mad, now if it had been a used sanitary towel he had drawn on yes, but a clean slate of a towel and some sweet marks, no.


I had to watch some dreadful film with Naoise called Hero Factory,he has become a little obsessed with it. Perhaps it needs to get lost for a while. Me and Syd then watched the second half of the Bob Marley film. It was so amazing, inspirational, what a hero, what a rasta hero he was. The concert to celebrate the independence of Zimbabwe was particularly poignant, I was nine at the time, I have no recollection of it.

Marley sings; “emancipate yourself from mental slavery, non but ourselves can free our minds”

The buzzer sounds its 20 minute deadline call.

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