A journal of a forty something mother/artist with two sons aged 5 and 13. Recording the everyday, the maternal, my relationships with my sons and family, the messy intersections of art and life. I ¬†probably should have started to write this 13 years ago, but like others, I was too shocked by ¬†becoming a mother, too depressed, busy caring for my children and without the headspace or knowledge to begin. I’m planning to try to write a post everyday for a year, and will spend between 10 and 40 minutes writing first thing each morning.

My aim is that by writing M(other) Stories, I will reveal how the maternal, the domestic, and the everyday feeds my art’s practice, and with the hope that it will have a positive affect upon my mental ¬†wellbeing. I’m also hoping that this blog will be interesting and helpful to others who may share in my experiences. I will try to be honest, truthful, brave, maybe even bad by making art that works counter to the idealised images and accounts of motherhood that exist in society today.

I will write (other) stories from my experience.