Start “Be-frienders” Training

Began another heavy period. Began be-frienders training, but cannot talk about it as everything confidential. Gave others lift to the sure start centre in halifax. Felt like a community taxi service. Thats ok, its good to feel needed and useful.

reflectionofschool astick

Must try not to engage my brain too much. Conversations about semantics perhaps not that helpful to anyone in the room. All a secret though…shhhhhhhhh must not say a thing. I can talk about myself though, that’s permissible. I am only breaching my own confidence then. Talking about boundaries. I went on a babbling mind trip about fences, and perimeters, and borders and boundaries and rules and regulations and ended in a rant about bombs being dropped on Syria. Need to be able to hold in my ideas. MY BRAIN IS EXPLODING with information and it has no-where to go. Oh how I miss my students.

Collapsed into bed, read Naoise the first chapter of The Silver Donkey.


Unfinished installations, tiny budgets – and a feminist punk choir singing Virginia Woolf. The show-per-week project at the ICA stretched artists to their limits. Tom McCarthy, Melanie Manchot, Eva Rothschild and Deborah Coughlin reveal all, Thursday 3rd December, Homa Khaleeli, The Guardian

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