Today was one of those days that I would rather forget.


Today has been one of those days that I would rather forget. It began at 4am in the morning. Snow on the skylight woke me. The first snow. I went downstairs and looked out of the window. Everyone asleep. Thin snow on car roofs. Glad I had seen it, as I thought that this smattering would be gone by dawn.

I turned on the heating.

A day of tantrums and frustrations and anger. Each other blaming each other. For being wrong. Tears and chocolate and stubbornness and  wishful thinking. Confiscation of iPads and guitars and amps and not getting to the swimming pool.

Going to the engagement party and the crazy man in the bungalow complaining about my parking, Sober, waiting for the pick up man to sort out the car which I thought had had its lock tampered with. In fact the lock was simply frozen.

Snow falling a cold room and sky Children playing darts and pool. Cheese and wine and adults talking and wanting to go home but waiting for recovery.


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