7.31 am ( awake since 5am sat on the sofa downstairs)

My stomach is cramping and my lower back aches. I hate periods. I wish I could say that they don’t have a detrimental affect on my life, but they do. I feel swollen, heavy, sore, and tired. I am glad though that my period has started today, as I have an interview on Thursday, so it will hopefully mean that the worst of it will be over by then.

My mother used to call her periods the curse. 

I have fibroids so my periods are especially difficult, with heavy bleeding, and clots.

P is still in hospital coughing up blood. A man with dementia joined his ward yesterday, I fear he has had little sleep.

I woke up far too early, I tossed and turned before getting up to write this. Must cut Naoise toe nails he keeps scratching my legs in the night and waking me up.

I feel so stiff. I regret drinking the two cans of cider and glass of wine, its a bad combination at the best of times.

The fireworks were lovely, crashing and banging and whooping beside the tower of the church. Naoise was somewhere with his friend in the graveyard when they went off, he said he saw them. I love the burning and the sparklers. It was so so warm though, no frost, no gloves or hat necessary.

I can’t manage this writing, my head is a fuzz. Need to go back to bed and rest some more.

I found this very funny film made n 1946 by Disney to explain menstruation to teenage school girls.


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