The swimming swan

Fell asleep putting Naoise to bed, just woke up with all my clothes on. Bra suffocating me. Heavy rain on skylight. Long dat but its now tomorrow. 2am in the morning. P hasn’t come home after his works outing. I suspect very drunk and missed the last train. Mixture of concern and annoyance that he didn’t even text me to let me know of his change in plans.

Syd performed at the Golden Lion pub, first time with an electric guitar and loop pedal. Some technical difficulties but he managed and has earned himself a paid gig.

I am so so awake now. Day went by as if a year.


Naoise spent the morning painting. A swimming swan and a hedgehog scaling a pyramid of a mountain. Syd spent morning jamming. Afternoon went to see a friend, children carved pumpkins together and played music and computer games.

The grey and wet subsided, so we went for a walk. We walked through the woods past Ted Hughes place. Beech trees beautiful colours, ginger, yellow ochre, acid yellow, crimson.  Talked about art and parenting and job applying.

Made dinner for a friend who came with us to Syds gig. Made salsa to go with our wraps. The salsa looked an off colour. Pale odd, pink, sick looking salsa, but it tasted ok.

Must try and get to sleep, I have another long day of childcare ahead of me tomorrow. Must not get annoyed or over concerned he is a grown man. I’m sure he is fine.


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