The five ways to wellbeing

9.21am ( at the table)

The house is a sea of clutter washed ashore. Lack of attention to essential domestic chores has resulted in piles. Piles of books and bicycle inner tubes and charcoal a feather, stones from a visit to the beach, scissors and a plastic chameleon that is hugging sunglasses and glue stick. Least its a house of fun and creativity.

Ten minutes and ten percent on the computer battery. I am writing this with my coat on as I am going to go to the Friendship support group today. There was no time for the group last week as I was filling in the form for the Breastfeeding Peer Support Co-ordinator job.

DSC_7428 DSC_7429

Its a beautiful day, no rain, a gentle light, more yellowing and tiredness in the leaves. I want to stick the leaves back onto the trees. I don’t really want the winter. Who wants winter? Winter here is long and dark and cold and wet and it hurts my bones and heart.

Naoise as usual would not wake to the day. Coaxing. Yoghurt. Lying on sofa. Slumping on chair. I was a little inpatient of him. He said I was rude. I said it was rude to be late. This worked. He put his coat on and came. We scooted to school and actually got into the doors just as the last bell was sounding.

Spoke to a couple of mums in the playground. Snatched conversations is all that we ever manage. Women are soldiers. Soldiers to exhaustion and care. Soldiers to juggling paid work with care work. Always a battle for health and wellbeing. Never a balance.

Connect. Give. Be Active. Take Notice. Keep Learning.


The five ways to well being. Be Active. That is always my tripping point. I need to run again.

I walked with friends yesterday, more a stumble really. We were all tired. Least we moved. We connected. We took notice. We gave by listening to each  other, and we learnt from  each others experience. All in a walk.

The oven buzzer sounds. Never enough time to really think. Beep beep beep. Must go. Walk along canal. Try and give to the group.


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