Let it go & Lets go play

9.39am ( at the table home)

Truth is I am rubbish at letting it go. I let small things eat away at me. I wish I could be more like frozen and let it go. Truth is when I didn’t manage to persuade Naoise to do some homework about Where in the world food comes from, I did feel bad and I did feel that I had let him down.

But he was more interested in writing a poem, painting a picture of fireworks and playing with his train set. He is six for goodness sake.Do six year olds really manage to do homework independently at home ?

I am sorry Miss…..I tried to get out of it for Naoise, I tried to list our families excuses. That no log book came home, that Syd has been on crutches, that Patrick has been working full time and overtime, that he didn’t come home until 10pm last night and I had fallen asleep putting the kids to bed. That I haven’t got a paid job and I have been trying to get a job as well as coming in and volunteering at the school, helping out friends trying to be a good person. A valued proactive member of society. No we did not manage the school homework. We did fail Naoise.

The teacher simply looks disdainfully  at me and points at large scale models and placards that the good parents have done with their good children at home. I leave the classroom dissatisfied with her lack of empathy and understanding.

I wonder if the homework is for the children or the parents or for the school or her?

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Truth is that I am rubbish at rebelling. I mean I can rebel but then taking the consequences is not so great. I felt bad and I felt annoyed and angry and frustrated. I did try. Our family does try. We try.

What the hell are we doing with our children and their education anyway. Did she forget the poem that he wrote, the firework picture? Did she for once consider that actually Naoise does know where in the world food comes from?

We plant food on our allotment. We buy fair trade products. We showed Naoise videos of where Fair Trade bananas come from. There is nothing to show for our efforts, no neat drawing or words or product but he knows, he knows where in the world food comes from, well bananas at least. Oh hang on a minute potatoes and courgettes and raspberries, gooseberries, apples, onions, herbs………

Oh this is ridiculous. Why do I let this get me down. I am a good mum and my children are very well balanced and intelligent and sociable and happy. PLAY why can we not just let them PLAY, let our hair down, stop worrying and getting anxious about learning objectives and targets set by governments that really don’t care.

Can’t we all just let our children learn in their own sweet time, and not feel pressured by this time table, that is nothing to do about caring for our children and their education and what their individual needs might be? A system that does not take a holistic approach. That pigeon holes and streams and tests, marks, grades and makes no space for individuality for common sense or for creativity. Creativity takes time. Slow is good. Naoise did not want to do the homework that the school set. Two weeks for him was not long enough.

If I had been the teacher and a parent had been unable to complete the homework set with their child I would have said thats fine, look forward to seeing what you do after the half term. Perhaps I should have said nothing, nothing would have been better, and I should never have mentioned that the log book hadn’t been sent home. Schools cannot manage any criticism from parents. A parents job is to follow the rules and do what they are told to support the school but never to question it?


Yesterday I managed some drawing. A little drawing on blue. I wish I was drawing again today, but I have to attempt another job application. The children break up from school today for the half term and then there will be no time to write job applications and besides kicking up leaves, finding mushrooms and rotten things and getting messy in the mud and the hills is much more important than any form or any homework.


Let it go and Lets Play 


Nurses, fathers, teachers, mothers. Why do we devalue someone the minute they care for others? October 21, The Washington Post 

“Work of investing in others being just as important as the work that we do for money.” 

“My entire life is unfinished business.”

Think about care and value and how care of others is valued in society?

How has being an unemployed mother affected my value and position in society? How do I view myself? How do others view me?

Think about caring for children and how mothers and fathers work in the home and outside of the home?

What is work?

What is paid work what is unpaid work?

Why is caring work low paid and undervalued?

Why haven’t we learnt?

We know that caring work is valuable so why do carers get paid so little ?

Why does change come so slowly?

How do we get to real equality between men and women?




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