Football school and completing job applications

20.55 pm ( at the table)

Its dark. Patrick is putting Naoise in the shower, Syd is chilling in his bedroom after a day out with his friends followed by continuous guitar jamming practice.

My eyes are burning from staring at this screen and my brain feels like it might explode. I have spent the entire day writing a job application. I just hit submit on the job portal and now I can breath a huge sigh of relief. It is so incredibly dull to go through this looking for work process. I am becoming lethargic and sluggish. I haven’t run in weeks and the house is taking on new levels of caos and unkemptness as my attentions and energy are taken up with all this applying.

I do hope that soon I can just get on with doing a job and forget about the job of applications. Yawn yawn, yawn. Boring, boring, boring.

Naoise had a great day at football school. Its the best and cheapest childcare that you can get over the school holidays. Its not really childcare at all, but loads of people use it as this.

He was keen to go early and never even flinched when I said I had to go. He loves the football school instructor and all seems very positive.

When I went to collect him, I was horrified to discover that he hadn’t eaten any of the contents of his lunch box. I was reassured later to find that it was probably because he had scoffed two bars of chocolate from eh vending machine.

Daddy come in here. Daddy come in here. Its interesting to observe that Naoise is just as demanding of his dads attention as he is of my own.

The highlight of today was receiving a book in the post from dearest Lena in her The Mums and Babies Ensemble: A Manual

I can hear Naoise asking Patrick impossible questions. Daddy how many different types of animals are there in the world?

I am glad that he is no longer staring at a screen. I feel bad when I have no other choice than to rely upon DVD’s and TV programmes to keep Naoise entertained whilst I write applications.

Syd is going off on a teenage trip to hang out in Manchester tomorrow so I will be at least free to devote my time and attention to Naoise. I loved building the ply wood dinosaur with him on Monday morning.

At least now I have submitted my application I can relax and play and have fun once more.

I am not liking the shorter days and the dark. My body clock is all of a muddle and I keep waking up extremely early in the morning.

I can hear Naoise asking further questions. His dad is good and kind and tries to answer.




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