Day two: 30 hours without children

Driving home, Aretha Franklin Let it Be played on the radio. P said I should listen to the Sesame Street version, Letter B. 

Without children, time spent talking about children. Doing things that we usually do with our children. Time is slow. Time to read and think and not speak and relax. Mainly time to think. To trace a thought or idea from beginning to end. Time not to be pulled in three different directions. Time just to be.

When I got home, mum shattered, one cup of tea, said goodbye and thanks, won’t see her until early December now. Sad.


Unfinished Business by Anne-Marie Slaughter review – the latest episode in the ‘Can women have it all?’ soap opera, Thursday 8th October, Helen Lewis, The Guardian

Books on Art and Motherhood, Austin Kleon, 28th August 2015



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