Sunday Sleep In


What to say? What to write? I am sitting up in bed in the middle room. I ran away to this room on my own. I needed a rest, to sleep without the responsibility of caring for Naoise. I left P to put N to bed last night, it was so, so late, I couldn’t find any more love, care and maintenance in my heart or body. I slipped under the bed covers and tried to fall asleep as quickly as possible I could not manage any more caring.

We watched the film about northern soul together. It was not really appropriate for children. I think we need to rethink this total collapsed state of parenting. Children need boundaries from adults. I drank cider, ate chocolate and tried to watch the programme whilst balancing  a bored child on my knee.

Its a dismal day. I see the dismal behind the crack in the curtain. It may turn good. The sun could push out. I am not sure I really want to write this. I am low on energy and staring at this screen isn’t a revitalising experience.


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