Mum Visit/ Went to YSP

Mum came to visit. I was at the end of my tether. Impatient with the children. I am glad mum came to visit. On Friday after school pick up, I went for a walk in the woods. I asked my mum to make dinner. I went to bed early.


On Saturday I ran around the Yorkshire Sculpture Park with the children and my friend so that P could work. The sculpture park was full of marauding crowds of people visiting the poppies. I tried to take a picture of my friend with my children and the poppies but a woman dressed all in mint green refused to move out of the frame as she was “waiting for the sun to come out” Waiting for the sun to come out in the North of England can be a lengthy process. We gave up on waiting and felt annoyed about the mint green woman. There were crazy things going on in the park, Caro’s being used as climbing frames, children falling on plates of steel, it felt like ¬†shopping mall congestion crowds, more Trafford Centre than culture in nature, ¬†The park had been invaded by poppy explorers more akin to hunters than peace pilgrims.


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