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“Cornwall is much nicer than Todmorden” says Syd.

He has been having the best time ever in sunny cornwall, swimming, surf boarding, sun bathing, eating ice creams and chips on the sand, spotting dolphins frolicking, seals bobbing up between the waves, cliff walking, guitar busking, table tennis, brother bothering, tv watching. Yes cornwall probably has been more exciting than the same of todmorden, but then holidays always are a fiction. They begin they temporarily transport mind and body to a fantasy elsewhere.

Breath in. Appreciate each moment.

As well as the drama and beauty of the dolphins. I saw my 99 year old great auntie and matriarch of my family, ┬ámy gorgeous cousins, my very clever uncle and his beautiful farm…..We saw humming bird hawk moths, kestrels catching mice, labyrinth spiders, bats, moths and butterflies of all sorts and persuasions.

I am tired. I will wait to say more. To recollect.

Its been good to have a break from this project. I needed to step back. I needed to fail. I needed to allow myself some time away. Not to think, not to analyse, not to write, to share. I needed to step away. Step back. Get some perspective.


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