Too tired to write

10.47pm ( Written as a text on my phone, I was too tired to get up and write, I was asleep before Naoise, I asked Patrick to read him a book, he would not rest, he would not sleep, he would not settle down.)

Too tired to write. Naoise won’t sleep…we watched tv Andy’s Dinosaur World Adventures, Far from madding crowd. Went shopping, hate shopping. Bought Naoise new trainers as his feet have outgrown his school shoes. Tried on two swimming costumes, both looked ridiculous. Tried on two bras both squeezed my rib cage too tight. Hate how my 40’s body looks like, especially under the florescent super market lighting. Too much skin sag, too much weight. Lots of work on the allotment. Dug up the box of potatoes, but no potatoes. Pulled up himalayan balsam….picked gooseberries

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