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Tired. Long long day in the studio talking about art and sharing. A good day, but a long day. A lot of passers by. One woman who could not even look at my work. Three lovely friends visiting and Naoise who came to visit and draw on the floor in my space.

Up and down the back staircase to look at the Louise Bourgeois. Discussion the prints with Frances. Drawing comparisons between LB and Frida Khalo’s work. Trying to piece together the art history, we realise our knowledge is patchy.

Watched the Artsnight programme introduced by Lily Cole exploring the challenges of rearing children and creativity and the affect becoming a mother has on arts practice. It uses the famous Cyril Connolly quote to form a discussion around the topic:

– ‘There is no more sombre enemy of good art than the pram in the hall’.

It asks the questions:

Was Connolly wrong – can children in fact be a great spur to creativity? Or can children, with their all-consuming demands, inhibit an artistic life?

Is the pram in the hall still the enemy of good art ? Stephanie Merritt and Jude Rogers , Saturday 20th  June 2015

Naoise downstairs….”mummy I want to be with you”

Naoise talking about his bike ride along the canal with his dad:

” The ducklings were only two days old, and one was only…..”

(After this conversation Naoise wanted to watch more TV. I said no, so he crawled under the coffee table and cried. I switched off the lights and went to bed, soon afterwards he followed.)

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