Lack of concentration


Hoped to have written this by now. Can’t concentrate. The cot is now in pieces. At last I am moving forward, I am getting unstuck, starting to live in the now rather than the yesterday and the could of should of wished it was different. I calculated that the sheets had been lying on the cot for five years. Five years thats a long time. Where have I been. I am so far inside my own thoughts. I need to pinch myself. Wake up. Wake up.

“Knick Knak on my knee”……school children pass on the pavement in front of the house, knapsacks on backs, sunshine, its a good day for a walk.

The day will begin by taking back two advocados to Lidls that had gone off before the sell by date. I will exchange the advocados for washing powder. I am trying to keep on top of the laundry as I am preparing for the summer and for going away. The washing gathers each passing day, it has to be fed to the machine god.

I removed the balloons and notices from the pram in the studio hall way. It looks so much better as a naked pram. A pram waiting to be pushed back to the charity shop from where it came or to become the art.

The buzzer sounds. I am glad. I just want to get on with the dullness of the day.


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