Today it is cold and it is grey and it is nothing.

Today I feel much relived that I no longer have to write till my eyes and brain hurt.

Today I am pleased that I can just be with the children and adopt an I don’t care attitude, because its Friday.

Today I spoke to my mum who is trying to fix the roof of her house before the summers end. It will get done.

Today the bleach blonde haired woman who works in the supermarket, who is very slim walked at speed past the house  in her lycra sport wear and with her yorkshire terrier pulling at the lead.

Today the water board dug up my neighbours yard and our water supply was temporarily stopped. Syd woke up to the digging and banging and then he was thirsty and annoyed that there was no water to drink.

Today is mundane.

Today whilst walking to collect Naoise from school I saw a heron sitting in the field on the hill just above the canal path. I watched him for a while. I love herons, they remind me of flying dinosaurs.

Today I spoke to my cousin.

Today Naoise is sat on the stool in the kitchen playing some game on my phone, I said he could, though I wanted to draw or paint or play a game.

Today my nose is still running.

Today  it is almost midsummer and the clothes are not on the line they are drying in the tumble. I can hear them spinning around.

Today Syd seems better and we even got to sit together on the sofa and watch some TV.

Today I was very lazy.


Today I accomplished nothing, but looking after Syd and shopping and cooking and walking and dropping off and collecting Naoise.

Today I made a flask of coffee and drank it through the duration of the day.

Today I am drinking the last cup of coffee and I had to add hot water to it to warm it up and dilute its tar consistency.

Today I am fed up of children looking at screens.

Today I don’t want to be looking at this screen either.

Today I am not sure that I have anything particularly inspiring or meaningful to say.

Today is just Today and it feels like a very grey and boring day.


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