Tidying, Sorting, Throwing out


I doubt that I will get to write much. Its late both children still up. Naoise just out of the shower, Syd in the shower. Me and Naoise spent an evening cutting grass and weeding the allotment. Syd and Patrick went out for a bike ride.

I am not sure that I am really writing anything of consequence or importance. I have lost my flow. I am spending days tidying, sorting and throwing out. I may have decide to move out of my studio. Its hard as there is so much work to be done. The weeks are speeding away towards the summer holidays and our annual trip to Cornwall. It will be good to see the sea.

I am struggling to write. My hands are aching. Maybe for now I will just give in. Its ok to have times when creativity dries up. I just can’t concentrate or settle on any one thing.


All was beautiful today, the sun shone and there was blue and I watched Naoise sports day, a lame affair of throwing bean bags skipping and bouncing balls. There is no grass only tarmac at his school which is rather limiting.

Syd is singing in the shower, I have a splinter in the end of my finger, its sore.

The shower comes to a stop, but the singing continues.


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