All of my family go for a walk


The battery on the computer is low, five percent. It will fall asleep soon. Naoise is asleep beside me. I have read him book after book after book till he settled.

The evening is as damp as the day. Soon it will be midsummer. It is still very light outside but its a grey light.


We all walked. We walked up the hill over the moors and back along the canal. Syd played with a red ball all the way. Throwing it. Catching it. Kicking it.

The funniest part of the walk was when Naoise decided to round up the lambs in the field,  he can run fast when he really wants too. Syd thought it was all very cruel.

One little shepherd isn’t going to hurt the flock.

We trundled home. The weather wasn’t great, drizzly. Two dogs one sandy one dark chased us along the perimeter of the fence, barking, snarling tails hanging back aggressively. We worried that they might jump over and attack us. We averted our eyes, kept on walking. Walking.

We saw a couple of  bunny rabbits, some swallows, swifts, a curlew singing, a grey squirrel..crows.


I wasn’t going to write anything today. I was going to write I refuse to live my life behind an electronic screen.. I was going to write boring mundane lists of stuff I do, sort lego, turn on washing machine, sort out recycling, cook dinner, tidy sofa, sort lego. So dull and boring and repetitive.

Naoise turns in his sleep. A train passes on the tracks.

Patrick and Syd are watching a film downstairs. I am enjoying this moment of peace. Nothing more to say.

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