Yellow Wednesday


I have found fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes on the buzzer till my supermarket instant curry meal is ready. I have chosen a very lazy option for tonights tea. I made Syd steak and peas and chips. I tried to encourage him to drink a glass of orange juice to help release the iron in the meat. He was reluctant. He drank half of the glass telling me it was all to sweet.

Syd is obsessed with wanting a gym membership. He talks about asking to have an annual membership for his birthday that is upcoming. He then talks about disparity of presents between our family and his fathers. Children so quickly pick up on inequalities. I try to brush it off be positive about his father. Its only stuff. Love is the best stuff.

Syd is singing his heart off. I love it when he sings and plays the guitar, I think that it is when he is most content.

Next door the building work continues. I can hear the scrapping of the plaster being applied to the walls. I am so so sick of banging and chipping and drilling and scrapping. This has been going on for a month now and eats into each weekend too. I haven’t wanted to be at home because of the noise and disruption.

The courgette plants are growing big. I need to get to the allotment, I have neglected it the past two weeks. Too much work on to enable me to tender to it. A garden which is what it really is needs love and maintenance. I plan to go there Friday. The rhubarb should be big enough for a pie. Mum is coming on Friday. Maybe a pie for her. Perhaps the potatoes are up. Perhaps the wild flowers have emerged. There are bound to be weeds and long grass and plenty of jobs to be done.

Next door builders come and go in and out of their silver van. The skip out front is full. I haven’t walked outside to day apart from a quick trip to the Library. At the Library I checked the council jobs website for anything I could do. Nothing as usual. I saw a teaching assistance job but you needed to know braille and the deadline was today. I tried on a dress in a charity shop but I didn’t buy it. A woman only needs so many dresses and this one was so thin you could see my pants hanging over a sagging arse, not that flattering at all.

The buzzer sounds fifteen minutes gone. I will eat.


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