Naoise weather report for Sunday: Sundia sunee in the mornjne Stortuf luch rianee. (Sunday sunny in the morning sort of later rainy. 


What is there to say about Sunday? Sunday is a day of rest.

I needed to escape, however tired I was, I needed to see the city and culture.

The train then the Magic Bus.  The Magic bus is Magic because it is cheap and Naoise thinks that sitting on the top seat of the bus is Magic too.

Whitworth Art Gallery- Drew pictures with Naoise I described what I could see and he drew what I was describing. Looked at figurative drawings. David Hockneys beautiful graphical figurative studies and others. Listened to a Harp concert. Sat right at the front with Naoise on my knee. Beautiful sounds. Played outside in the park. Went to Rusholme first the World Supermarket then a Curry. Good to celebrate life with some of the I money I had earnt from the Visualising Birth through Art workshop .Good to eat some joy. Naoise loved the chicken korma and and shovelled handfuls of rice into his mouth.




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