Still in the forest


Outside the camping pod.

My hands are cold. Drinking tar coffee. The rain is a river and has formed  large pools at the shower block. Water that has to be constantly swept towards and into the drain. There is so much water. Swelling up. The drains cannot cope with the deluge.

Rain and mud and damp.

The blackbird landed close to the pod. It tries to pull the worm from the ground. Tug Tug. It is more brown than black. Some freckling to the front. Its not a thrush. It is a blackbird.

Cheep, cheep, cheep. No partner. Perhaps there is no partner. Cheep, cheep, cheep.

All seems like a parting.

Where does love go ?

It is an ocean. It goes out. It heads out. Does it come back with the tide ?

Ate too much flap jack. Drank too much wine.

The yurt. The yurt is perfect and warm and snug as a hobbit hole, much nicer than the pod.  The yurt has a little table and little stools. The yurt is picture perfect. It even has a little stove. I do have yurt envy, but the pod is ours and provides rest and space too and I am grateful for our warm rounded shed tent. A space to lie and to sleep and to dream.

The yurt reminds me of the film that me and Syd used to love to watch Cave of the yellow dog  directed by Byambasuren Davaa, 2005. I would read out the subtitles as if story at bed. Then when he was a little older he was able to read the subtitles himself. He was such a clever little boy.

I pack up all our possessions. I start first thing as the children sleep. Many trips up and down the muddy slippy bank. Its keeping me fit, working off the alcohol and sugar and oats and five course barbecue from the night before. We cooked everything that was left to eat on the fire. We had a feast. We ate everything. It was delicious and we even had pudding. Rice pudding and chocolate cake and fruit cake and flap jack.

We all drank coffee and ate fruit cake for breakfast.

I raced home in the car to get back in time for Syd to see Bradley Wiggins last road bike race in the Tour de Yorkshire. It is good to please your children, its hard to please a small boy and a big boy though. The age gap kills me. I wish there was one more in-between to balance things off. Or maybe that would have tipped any balance that there is.

I unpacked the car and sat in a room full of objects and washing and camping gear and just left it there and me and Naoise just watched TV and had a good rest in our warm home. Being out makes you appreciate the in.


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