Soporific Sunday

I wish the sun would shine. It is grey and soporific

Not really wanting to say much. Tiring of this project. Sunday is a day of rest. Trying to hold my families lives together. Planning moments that we can spend as one. There seems to be little time anymore. Little joy between the over the top work load, so I am trying to claw back time for us, trying to keep us happy. There never seems to be a balance on life.

In the morning.


Patrick mows the meadow at the allotment and returns with blisters.  Sydney rides his bike along the road to Halifax, he returns at the agreed time. I stay home with Naoise polish shoes, play pretend battles with connex and ensure that lunch is cooked and on the table by one.

In the afternoon.

At least we share a car journey together. Drop Patrick and Naoise off at the park. Go to sort out Naoise permanently flashing shoe at the shop. Buy more uniform and training shoes for Syd and new pants for Naoise.

In the evening.

Patrick cooks dinner vegetarian and chicken wraps. I eat too much. I drink too much. I need to stop overindulging at weekends. I have not really sorted out my comfort eating problem. Need to be more disciplined.

Later in the evening.

Later we all sit on the small sofa together and watch a film called The Way. A film based on the Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage.  I would love to go on a pilgrimage. I would love to walk with my eldest son. Syd is going on a cycling holiday with his dad over the half term holiday, I am glad for him but hope one day too I can spend some extended time with him alone. I would like to walk along a coastal path, maybe in the west highlands of Scotland. One day.




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