Naoise weather forecast:  Satdia Klowdee dia (Saturday Cloudy Day)


Set alarm clock to sound too early. So awake at 5am then could’nt get back to sleep.

Kissed Syd and Naoise goodbye in their sleep.

Syd to his Dads today. I will miss him.

Got to studio to set up at 8.30am.

Delivered workshop Visualising Birth through Art 

Cleared up workshop, organised a model for Wednesday nights session of life drawing.

Left studio at 6pm.

Went for a drink at the pub by the canal. Smoked a cigarette. Cough seems to have got better since I have calmed down on the exercise, so as able to inhale and exhale the smoke. Spoke about the workshop and how it had gone, but really too exhausted to evaluate it. Time needs to pass. Time to think and reflect.

Got home and watched Kinki Boots the film. It was fun, but could’nt keep my eyes awake watching it. Drank too much red, chocolate cravings too. Too much work, work this week. Life needs to slow in order for discipline to be kept.

Went to bed.


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