8.58 am

Its a wet, rainy day. Had hopes of going out with Naoise, but my head is sore from drinking cider and the weather is making me rethink any plans. Its hard just getting Naoise to leave the house. Yesterday eventually got out at 3pm, he is such a home boy. I hate being stuck in the house it makes me feel claustrophobic and depressed. There is only so much IN that I can manage.


I haven’t the energy for writing this today. Last night me and Patrick went out for an evening, ┬ásuch a rare treat. We walked up onto the hills, said hello to some pigs and sheep with their lambs then went for a Vegi Tai Meal. Oh what a joy it is to get some adult time alone together. My mum kindly babysat, we got home just before twelve.

Went to give Naoise a cuddle, he asked if I would get back into bed with him, probably should have instead of tinkering with screens and images.


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