Thursday is a blank of care.

Thursday is a blank. I looked after Naoise friends after school. Crossing the road from the school is the most hazardous. I had help crossing the road.

The boys all climbed up onto the canal house wall to look at the rabbit, and the cat. To notice that the goats had now sadly gone.

The children loved the black cat, but the cat was too scared to say hello. Too many boys.

On the way back along the canal path we saw the Goslings. We counted six. We watched as the goose parents hissed at the other geese to keep away. We edged carefully past the parents and the goslings so as not to frighten them.

The boys played lego and lego and nurf guns and nurf guns and ate beans and sausages and bread for tea.

I made a cup of tea for my friend when she came to collect her boys.

I made a cup of coffee for my friend when she came to collect her boy.

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