22.30pm (up since 6.45am)

Its dark. Curtains drawn. Heating on. The sound of Patrick rolling out flatbreads. A lot of effort for a pile of bread. Roll out, heat, turn over, place on the stack.

Both children sound asleep. Much colder today, no sun, wind, grey and drizzle.

What am I meant to write about when ? I have confused myself.  I am tired after teaching life drawing. Perhaps I don’t need to say much. It can wait till the morning light. I can sleep on it.

Thinking of examples of art works about sexuality and eroticism. Its fun. I especially love Dorothy Iannone. Strong, honest, colourful vibrant, celebratory paintings. Just looking at her paintings makes me want to run to the studio and get down to work. So beautiful, joyous, inspiring.


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