What happened yesterday ?

Cant remember what time I woke up.

Yesterday was Tuesday. Tuesday is better than Monday. Tell me why I don’t like Mondays. I want to shoot the whole day down. 

Is it best to leave a blank, a non space, a failed space.

I had meant to write something, but when I got in from my evening walk, after I had made Naoise his super, after I had read to him, after I put my arm around his little body, I fell asleep too.  Fully clothed I crashed to sleep beside him. This is not unusual it often happens. A constant state of utter exhaustion.

I had meant to wake up again and write, but I am struggling to think what it was ?

Was I going to write about

The crescent moon, almost three quarters full.

The way that daisies and dandelions clamp shut their petals close to their heads at dusk.

The ewes bleating in the fields.

The failing light.

The grey whispering clouds.

The cold and the need to wear hat and coat and gloves.

The emptiness of the hills, meeting no-one.

The lambs, newborn.

The lambs, sleeping behind stone walls or dips in the fields, all curled up, safe with their mothers on ground.

The suspicious looks of the Ewes as I pass their lambs sleeping.

The owl screeching.

The proud and blue bells up from the earth.

The way I show Naoise the moon and the stars at night by opening the attic window and standing on the bed with our heads sticking out into the roof and sky.





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