A green woodpecker

20:51 pm Awake since 7am

Sunny, warm, dry, blue skies.

Hold back the river…..Sydney singing guitar.

Naoise watching Clone Wars 

Walked all the way to the Pike from our house. Twites singing. First clouds of midges. In the ponds and puddles frog spawn. Stop at the beach by the corner of Gorpley resevoir, sun rays on the smooth surface. No breeze, a perfectly still day.

Spent the morning drawing, painting, reading, baking and making domestic volcanoes cooked up from bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, washing up liquid and red food colouring.

Still coughing, sometimes unable to talk. Sitting in bed. Hard to write. Another job rejection email, I don’t understand where I am going wrong, need to be stronger feeling that making a living seems close to impossible.

My beautiful cousin and her daughter are visiting so the house is full of wonderful female company.

At the pike a macho man standing on a rock looking out at the view, his paraglider packed up blue. Back along the track we saw a shy green woodpecker, and new born lambs fresh on their feet and I thought that I glimpsed two swallows dancing in the air.

All out of energy, need to rest.


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