Save Mother Earth

In support of The Campaign Against Climate Change – because I didn’t make it to the Time to Act demonstration

9pm (awake since 3.30am up at 4.30am)

All best plans can fail. I never imagined that the coach to London from Bradford wouldn’t show, I tried to reassure the organiser that it was only a few minutes late, it would come. The coach did not come. We even had a sea dragon, but we couldn’t fly it. In the end our attempt to get to London together failed. Some of the younger people (beautiful woodcraft folk) ran to catch the 8.15am National Express coach down. I couldn’t risk the trip, lack of funds and I am no good when plans change. I struggle with change. Maybe I am getting older and I am more risk adverse, I try not to be.


I drive back home over the beautiful moors. I have been awake since 4.30am, I have to concentrate hard, I am tired now, I eat some of the food that I had packed. I eat a plain bagel. I am now concerned to get back home before Syd goes off to see his dad for the day. Next demonstration I want all our family to go. I cannot go it alone, a demonstration needs full family support. I just read the article about climate change by Naoimi Klein to the children…..then they both fell asleep. Naoise seems ill again, he has a temperature, we seemed to be going around in circles with viral infections.

I went to sleep for a couple of hours but Naoise kept waking me up just as I fell into sleep. He kept jumping on my back then poking his hands and fingers into my face. After Patrick and Naoise went to the local cinema showing at the theatre, I decided that there was no point to lay in bed any longer.

Words are not actions.


I felt so sad about my failed attempt to join the national demonstration, I needed to mix up some sort of a domestic, localised action to compensate.  I found some cardboard in the cellar, some felt pens and some words, I wrote them down photographed them in my kitchen and then walked out onto the tops. I saw catkins and a caterpillar. I felt the sun on my skin. The wind was blowing but it was warm and beautiful. I took my box of words and hope up onto the hill, posed it in a number of scenarios. I noticed that the moor in the distance had caught fire, you could hear the brigade sirens heading towards its smoke.

Coming back down along the road that snakes beside the river I spot a dipper bird. Its so sweet and shy and each time I approach it flies further down stream. It should be scared of humans. Humans are no friend of nature.


Today feels like the first day of spring. There is hope. There is hope in my feeble demonstration. I have failed once more. I try to turn the failure into something. I stand and feel the wind and the sun on my skin and look and look at the beautiful trees in the wood. The trees are waving their protest. I feel like crying. Crying for the beauty of mother earth. Tears will not save her, only actions will.

This is but a feeble action but it was the best that I could muster out of a bad situation today.


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