Mother’s Day

7.35pm ( awake at 7.00am up at 7.10am)

Here’s to those of us who had to struggle for love from our mothers. It wasn’t our fault, and in the absence of an ideal world , maybe not their fault either. Here’s to the grandmas who picked up the pieces.Here’s to the young mums who face discrimination everyday but still push through to give out love, here’s to to the older mums, the single mums, the accidental mums who took the plunge. Here’s to the mums who mourn. Here’s to Mother Earth. Here’s to everyone with a mothering heart, be you male or female, related or acquainted, this day is for you.

Diane Goldie  (Artist)Facebook post; 15th March, 2015 (kindly published with permission from Diane)

Mothers Day, not always a day of love, a day of joy, its more complex than that. These words are great, so carefully chosen, I read them on Facebook, I loved them and asked Dianne Goldie if I could publish them here and she said yes.

Naoise presented me with a gorgeous card and some perfume from Lidls, it was the bottle that I wanted, I was so delighted, and it was wrapped in hand made paper. Paper covered in small motifs that looked like the sun, the earth and another planet.  Syd was at his dads, he sent me a text message. His voice would have been better but his words were kind and made me smile. Next year I think that I will ensure that he is with me, I only gave birth to him after all. I hate his time being split between me and his dad. It sucks, it really does. I envy all those women who don’t have to live apart from their children every other weekend. I busy myself so that I don’t have time to think or dote.

 I don’t really want to be writing this now. I am juggling cooking dinner and Naoise is trying to get my attention. Syd is playing the Arctic Monkeys upstairs.  

We went to The Whitworth Art Gallery. It is beautiful.I looked after Naosie for a while, we drew some pictures on the leather seat.


Then Patrick kindly looked after Naoise for a while and they made some worry dolls together. It was Naoise idea to make worry dolls. We are a worry doll family. Patrick and Naoise made these beautiful films together by playing with a kaleidoscope.


Naoise is now telling me about which clone wars ship is better, one has more bullets, one is faster, I think that he wants an opinion, instead I just hum. Mum MUM This is what this one looks like in battle. MUM MUM do you want to see a battle one. I am almost finished Naoise. I will be done in a minute, just go and sit on the sofa. 

I had some time on my own to look and dream. I  just love Sarah Lucas installation Tits in Space, isn’t that the just best ever title. Tit is such a better word than Breast. Cunt is such a better word than Vagina. Cock is such a better word than Willy. All these naughtier, funnier words to describe parts of our bodies come to mind as I look at Sarah’s work.



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  • sarah filmer

    i love this multifaceted, many things happening, superficial-reporting and deep-thinking, post. thanks for all your m(other) stories, helen – it feels like you are a very intuitive and responsive maker – i envy your clarity, honesty and directness x

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