Day three: House of Illness

14:09pm ( awake and up at 7am)

Struggling to keep up with this blog, unable to write until now. Got up late, interrupted by the children needing my attention, normal stuff, you know making breakfast, hugs, medicine, jollying them along. Then making breakfast for Patrick. Normal, normal, normal, yawn, yawn, yawn.

Still all ill. Still playing nurse, cook and housekeeper. Chalking up the medicine doses.I am so bored of this game now, can I clock off please. We have even run out of coffee…NO. I feel really hemmed in and angry. Yes thats right I have had enough. I really really want them all to go back to work and school now. I am no good at juggling the needs of three people and keeping up with admin. I am not smiling my way through this week. I hate being trapped inside. Care work brings out the worst in me. Yes the children are lovely, but I just have to escape this house.


I am only getting to write this because the kids are watching TV. I really don’t have any energy to write. My brain is sucked of thought. I am so bored, I have even painted my nails alternate colours black/gold/black/gold just as Syd requested.


There are brief moments of absolute joy, such as me and Naoise drawing session after breakfast yesterday. He drew factories, I drew pregnant bodies. He then drew twin babies squabbling and fighting inside the pregnant bellies.




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